Experience Rwanda on a Self Drive Tour


You can easily experience Rwanda with a self drive car from one of the reputable agencies in Rwanda. There are lots of options for self drive in Rwanda that can be tailored to your requirements and interests. We arrange your rental car, 4×4 hire, pre-book your accommodation and provide you with directions so you can sit back and enjoy your African holiday without having to worry about any administration. Our experienced team of travel consultants is happy to help you modify a self-drive holiday to accommodate your preferences or requirements and our itineraries can be extended or shortened to suit you arrival and departure dates.

Self drive Rwanda has in depth industry knowledge and a wealth of first hand travel experience. Rwanda is our backyard and each part of your self-drive itinerary has been specifically chosen for its attractive combination of charm and quality at a reasonable price. Our trained team of travel consultants can assist in tailoring your perfect African Safari Holidays where independent mobility presents an ever-changing landscape of scenery and experiences.

With its first world infrastructure and clearly sign-posted roads, Rwanda is a comfortable and safe holiday option for self drive tours. It is also important to note that most of the country is covered by cell phone reception so communication is no problem. Rwanda has something for everyone.

Self drive Rwanda can create various self drive holiday package options where we book your accommodation, arrange your car hire and provide you with directions before you set out on your adventures. The whole idea is to take the hassle out of your holiday and to make your stay one to remember.

Hire with Rwanda self drive

Rwanda has some of the most magnificent landscapes which are unique and the country has good roads with many tourism attractions like National parks including Volcanoes National Park which is known for the endangered mountain gorillas. Rwanda Self drive is an excellent option for large families, solo travellers, couples, not only is it more affordable, but it also offers the most excellent services.

Self-drive tour holidays

Some people like to wander at will, exploring new places every day. Some enjoy a trip without no worries about making hotel reservations as they travel. And then other people like a trip where they do not need to drive. It is up to you. However, if this is your first visit to Rwanda do consider hiring a car with the driver guide as an introduction to the country before heading out on your own. Explore Rwanda with Rwanda self drive you will never regret.

Travelling in the developing countries like Rwanda, it is necessary to have at least a rough itinerary in mind before you set off. This will allow you to check out likely travel times, potential delays, whether there will be somewhere to stay each night etc. Its all too easy in African countries to find that journey times takes much longer than you anticipated , especially in rainy season meaning you run out of time and don’t get to visit all the places you were aiming for.

When planning for self drive trip in African countries, you change plans following pre-trip research which has revealed that it would be impossible to cover the distance You had planned in the time available. Enough research is necessary before setting off for your journey to a void being stack in the field or in the Villages.

Moving with cash and cards

In case you plan to travel in less developed countries, you need to consider how you’ll pay for things on your travels. In many African Countries, you are un able to pay for things like petrol, hotels and meals by credit card. Also don’t assume that ATM Cash dispensers will work. Usually make sure you carry enough local currency to cover necessities for at least a couple of days. Again carry large denomination US dollars or Euros which can be changed in emergencies. This will save you from panicking that the near by ATM machine in the next dusty town won’t be functioning.

Spread out your foreign currency. Don’t put it in one place, put some in your bag, in a non obvious place like your wash bag or in a shoe, and the majority in a hiding place such as money belt with a zipped compartment. Carry some small denomination local currency notes separate to the bulk of your local cash.When paying for some thing, use the small denomination that you put near and a void showing off your full wealthy. make sure you always have enough cash to cover you until the next town where you’re sure there will be a bank and/ or a couple of ATM s.

Driving in different countries

In Africa some countries, use right hand side and others use left hand side of driving.Currently around 66% of the worlds population live in countries which drive on the right side of the road, usually (but not always) in vehicles with the drivers seat on the left.

There are 76 countries, territories and dependencies which drive on the left.There are numerous theories as to why some countries drive on the left and some on the right. Though no one knows the exact reasons for sure, it seems likely that travelling on the left of the road became the obvious choice in ancient times.Rwanda uses right hand side of driving and Uganda uses left hand of driving. Therefore, when you hire with self drive Rwanda make sure you have an international driving permit and ready to keep right.

Driving in Rwanda

In Rwanda, main Roads are in a surprisingly ‘not too bad’ condition.When you leave the main roads, conditions become a bit different, particularly in the rainy season of March-July and September-November. Since some times rain is un predictable, 4×4 wheel drive is necessary for safaris and self drive tours.You should also avoid driving out of the main towns at night as it is un safe to drive at night in a foreign country. Take care after dark within cities, avoiding small roads and areas where other traffic is light. Expect plenty of army/police road blocks which may involve a vehicle search.

Before you confirm

You need to decide whether self drive is for you, or whether you’re going to go for a fully guided safari experience with a driver. The benefits of having a guide are really around that person’s experience and knowledge of the bush and the specific area they’re operating in. That’s why when planning for a safari in Rwanda book with self drive Rwanda which is known to provide good services with experienced guides.

Our guides can also provide you with a lot of detail on all tourism destinations in Rwanda, and many will be in contact with other guides so can be updated on where particular wildlife has been spotted. This will make your trip a memorable.

Another thing to do is to research on the particular area you’ll be visiting. You need to do that before you even consider renting a vehicle as requirements can vary greatly between countries and even between National Parks within countries. For instance, Check the availability and the requirements for the destinations, like for the case of Gorilla tracking in Rwanda, you need to be free of any diseases which can be transferred to the apes and you need to be physically feet.

Do a lot of readings before you begin to make reservations. Bear in mind that conditions will vary a lot between wet and dry seasons too. Visit travel forums like lonely planet, trip advisor and get enough information. There are also some good independent sites providing advice on most safari areas in Africa.

Before setting off for your journey, always confirm the car rental booking again. Drop an email to your contact and re-confirm the date and time they’ll be dropping the car off, the total price, the car rental insurance terms and how you’ll be paying them. Also ask if they can provide a contact number for you to call in case of any problem. Make sure you read carefully the rules and regulation of the car hire.


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