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Rwanda’s Paul Kagame Dismisses Rebel Claims in Nyungwe Forest Areas


For the past few months, there has been concerns of security threats in Rwanda with reports that the country’s government led by President Paul Kagame is currently vulnerable to being put to an end by a group of rebels who have already overran some parts including Nyungwe areas.

However, according to Paul Kagame himself, this is all hoax. He has dismissed all claims of rebel attacks in any part of his country, terming them ‘passing stories’.

“People are celebrating and talking about how they are now overrunning some places in the country,…. This is just a passing story, they don’t know what they are talking about,” Kagame commented on recent claims by a one Callixte Sankara that Rwanda’s government forces (RDF) were already defeated in several battles around Nyunge Forest in the South west of the country.

Callixte Sankara is the spokes person of the Rwanda Movement for Democratic Change (MRCD) and had earlier claimed that his rebel forces were in full control of the Northern regions of Nyungwe Forest, specifically areas bordering Nyamagabe and Nyaruguru sectors.

Kagame added on by warning off all those who are behind these false reports to his citizens to have in mind to provoke a war from which they mistakenly think will benefit.

“They are trying to hide their own problems and create a scenario where war happens,we refused this provocation” He added on.

Kayunba Namwasa
Dissident General Kayumba Namwasa: Rwandan Government believes this man is a real security threat to the country.

Mean while, the security situation in Rwanda remain tense, that has led to a number of actions being taken the government including closing its borders with neighboring countries. The government has also come out on several occasions to publicly accuse dissident General Kayumba Nyamwasa of planning a war against the ruling government, a charge that Kayumba has always dismissed, saying he believes in the peaceful resolution of political disagreements.

Wema Sepetu’s Mother Confused Over Daughter’s Bisexual Ways


Former Miss Tanzania Wema Sepetu might have only changed her lifestyle but not her old ways regarding her controversial love life. She is undeniably not having it any easy after her mum exposed her online that she is a full blown lesbian and even has a girlfriend she has been living with.

According to word making rounds on different social media platforms, the Tanzania former beauty queen and an ex girl friend to Bongo Flava singer and dancer Diamond Platinumz has stuck to her old bisexual ways, an act that her mother has been against for long till she failed to swallow it any more.

Wema Sepetu with mum
Wema Sepetu with mum

Judging from an audio of Mama Sepetu leaked online, you cant help but pitty the old lady who has been standing in for her daughter for quite a long time. She is heard asking Sepetu’s friends to talk to her daughter who seems to be losing herself. Just like any parent, it’s clear to see that the lady is not ready to accept the fact that her daughter now prefers fellow women to men.

It is said that Mama Sepetu has been discouraging Wema from being friends with women who are only looking for intimacy from her but she has always been turning a deaf ear to her mother’s advise, and now she is dating a lady identified as Diana.

Wema Hospitalized

After learning this, it is said that Wema Sepetu’s blood pressure went up and rushed to a hospital where she is now under serious treatment. She was not only affected by the public embarrassment but also the nasty comments left by fans who couldn’t hold back from bashing her for practicing the devilish act.

Wema’s Past Bisexual Behavior

This is not the first time Wema is baeing accused of dating a fellow woman. Four years ago, pictures of Wema kissing fellow women including a one identified as Aunty Ezekiel stirred lots of discussions and rumours on social media on whether she is a lesbian or Bisexual.

However, in clarifying her acts depicted in the viral pictures by then, she told journalists during an interview in Tanzania that it was normal as it would be to kissing any other person such as her mother, sister or any one else closer.

Kissing on the lips for girls to girls is very okay…. Yes i kissed her like i kiss any person who is so close to me….. It’s not only her, i kiss my mum, my daughter, ma sister , people who are close to me i kiss them

She continued to defended herself saying that kissing someone who is very close to her especially ladies is a normal thing and a sign of love, no other way round as many has to put it. Let’s wait on how she will defend her self this time.

Meanwhile, as any parent could do, we have learnt that Sepetu’s mum is now arguing all gossip tabloids to hold off from attacking her daughter whose health condition seems unstable at the moment.

Nothing can stop me from Sharing my Raunchy Photos – Socialite Sanchoka


Nothing can stop Tanzanian socialite Janeikunnda Evarist Rimoy also known as Sanchoka from posting her sexy photos on social media, she has revealed.

Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite
Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite

According to the endowed curvy socialite, she has no plans to quit sharing her curvy body with the fans even when married as the ‘raunchy’ photos are her source of income.

Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite
Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite

The Seductive Hit lingerie brand ambassador therefore argued that any man willing to marry her will have to learn to look the other way.

It should be noted that Sanchoka has been warned before by the Tanzanian regulatory board Baraza la Sanaa la Taifa (BASATA) for posting nudes on social media.

Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite
Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite

In January 2018, the bootylicious vixen was among several socialites summoned for this case together with Amber Lulu and Gigy Money, but she has no worries for this.

Below are some of Sanchoka’s uploads to Social media

Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite
Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite
Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite
Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite
Sanchoka Tanzanian socialite

Photos of Otile Brown’s New Love, Ethiopian girlfriend Nabbi


Has kenyan Singer finally found a woman of his dreams? this is the question that Otile’s fans have in mind about their superstar. After failing with socialite Vera Sidika, it seems that the ‘Baby Love’ singer has found a woman he can settle down with and he has revealed this through his Instagram page where he shared their video together with his new Ethiopian girlfriend, Nabbi.

He described his new woman as the only lady who has managed to tame him before assuring that he will no longer be chasing other women now since he has scored the real deal.

Nabbi, Otile’s new girl, is one fine lady living Australia where the singer recently visited during his music tour and she is the latest lady Otile Brown is introducing on social media after his nasty break up with the bootilicious Vera Sidika.

Otile Brown's GF
Otile Brown’s GF

Shocking Details About Hamisa Mobetto’s Alleged New Man


Ever since she tried it out with Tanzanian Bongo Fkava Artist Diamond Platinumz, Video Vixen Hamisa Mobetto has been one of th top trending items in the Tanzanian entertainment industry, mostly because of her controversial love life.

Her relationship with Diamond Platinumz didn’t last for long though it was blessed by a baby boy, ever since that, she has tried dating a number of men till then.

Recently, Hamisa unleashed a new man via her Social media page captioning him with praises reading;

Hamisa with Diamond's kid
Hamisa with her kid with Diamond Platinumz

“This Is SIMBAAAAAA #lion and fire emoji”

However, though she failed to reveal the identity of the new guy in town, those that may be familiar with him say that he is a family man.

Claims have it that he is married to a one Natasha Alex alias Tasha Dolly and the two already share a son together and are expecting another. We have learnt that Natasha is not ready to let go of her man and is fighting by all means to get her husband back from the Tanzanian socialite who has now made a record of chasing after married men.

No more Sex till 2020 – Socialite Huddah Monroe


Kenyan controversial Socialite Huddah Monroe has revealed that she will be abstaining from Sex the rest of this year. This follows an incident that happened to one of her girl friends who just discovered that his man cheated on her with 6 other women that didn’t impress Huddah.

The petite socialite took to social media to ask fellow ladies to abstain from sex to teach men on a cheating spree long lasting a lesson.

Huddah Monroe“Hey guys so today I got a DM from a chick called Caro who has a boyfriend called Michael. So Michael has been cheating on Caro with multiple women. These men are carrying us like we are are pieces of dirt.

So guys this is something I have been talking about for the longest time on my social media pages and I think it is high time we hold these people accountable for their actions, NO more SEX for me 2019!” she said in the video on her Instagram Page.

HuddahShe emphasized that men should learn to respect women and if ladies say no when approached, there will be no way men will be playing with them.

She also advised men that if they cannot change, they should Samanthas or look for Arimis to sort their libido.

Explore Salonga National Park of DR Congo

Salonga Bonobos

Situated at the center of the Congo River basin-Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Salonga National Park is the most expansive tropical rain forest national park in Africa. It covers an area of about 36000 square kilometers and it was initially founded in 1993 as a nature reserve and later upgraded as Tshaupa National Park in 1956. Around 1970, it gained its boundaries and in 1984, it was designated into a World Heritage Site then 1998 it was listed as a World Heritage Site in danger due to civil wars and illegal poaching.

This park is crossed by several rivers at the central basin of the Congo River and it is located suitably within the untapped wilderness area. It features marsh swamps, plateau, rivers and rain forests. The northern region lies within the Equator province and the southern side is situated within Ksai and Bandudu. It features distinct landscapes that come with unique vegetation cover.

Wildlife species in Salonga National Park

Salonga National Park is famous for primate safaris and if you are a wildlife lover, this is one of the best places to enjoy your holiday. The notable wildlife species that this park boasts of include long tailed pangolin, tree pangolin, hippos, aquatic genet, bushbucks, water chevrotain, forest buffaloes, bush pigs, bongo, yellow backed duikers, sitatungas, okapi, African golden cat, giant pangolin, forest elephants, dryas monkeys, leopards, African slender snouted crocodiles, Congo peafowl, bonobos, thollon’s red colobus and others.

What to do while on safari in Salonga National Park

Game viewing

This park features diverse wildlife species that are worth catching a glimpse at while on safari. They include the dwarf chimpanzees, golden cat, giant ground pangolins, elephants, leopards, tree pangolins, duikers, Angolan mongoose, pygmy cape buffaloes, golden bellied mangabeys, dwarf crocodiles, wolf monkeys, side stripped jackal, white rhinoceros,  red river hog, okapi, sitatungas, bonobos a mention but a few.

Primates Tracking

Would you like to see some of Africa’s primates? Salonga National Park is home to different communities of primates. There is the Golden-bellied mangabey (Cercocebus chrysogaster), Thollon’s red colobus (Piliocolobus tholloni), the Angola Pied Colobus (Colobus angolensis), Allen’s Swamp Monkey (Allenopithecus nigroviridis), the De Brazza’s Monkey (Cercopithecus neglectus) and the Black Mangabey (Lophocebus aterrinus). Salonga also harbors the bonobo, the enigmatic great ape known for their gentleness and its one of a kind female that dominates social life.


With about 300 bird species, Salonga National Park is remarkably one of the best birding sites in the DR Congo. They include the black stork, cattle egret, Congo peacock, yellow billed stork, grey parrot, palm but vulture, black bellied bustard and others. The park is also home to the Congo peacock, a majestic bird only found in the rain forests of the Congo Basin.

Other Safari Activities

The other exciting safari activities for you to take part in this park include fishing which is mainly conducted in the rivers at this park and you will need your own fishing gear to be able to take part in this lovely activity; hunting-this is ideal especially during the dry season mostly from June to August as this is characterized by short vegetation and no cases of flooding at the park; cultural experiences-for you to have the best of Congo’s vibrant dances and tasty food; nature guided walks-this allows you to explore in depth what this park’s habitats hold for the world and others.

Best time to visit Salonga National Park

Salonga National Park lies a stride Equator and receives rainfall amount of approximately 1700 mm every year. The dry season begins from June to August and this is usually considered as the most preferred period for safaris.

Lodges in Salonga National Park

For visitor overnight stay while on safari in Salonga National Park, the notable accommodation facilities include Hotel Amika, Douze Maisons Motel, Guesthouse, Hotel Med and others.

Getting to Salonga National Park

Salonga National Park is situated about 100 kilometers off south of Boende just in between Kisangani and Kinshasa. It can be reached by domestic charter flights from Monkoto, Mundja and Anga airstrips which conduct direct flights to the park. It is best explored during the dry season especially in the month of June to August.

In conclusion, Salonga National Park is one of DR Congo’s most stunning protected areas with distinctly diverse natural wonders that are worth exploring while you are on safari in Africa.

Singer Avril Nyambura Not Ready Yet to Disclose the Father of Her Child


For the fans of the Kenyan Singer Avril Nyambura who are eager to learn about the daddy of your superstar’s baby, a little more patience is requested.

According to the singer herself, she is not yet ready to disclose the identity of the man who fathered her kid though she keeps on asserting that she is taken.

During an exclusive interview with Citizen Radio recently in Kenya, the singer confessed that she is dating someone who is very much involved with the upbringing of their kid.

Singer Avril Nyambura

“I am taken…… He is very dedicated and committed to Me. He is a really present father……. I wanted a child and I feel so fulfilled as it’s an amazing feeling. I will introduce my family when I want to but not now. I am learning to live a private life and people close to me know exactly what’s going on and I would like to keep it like that.” She said.

Kenyan Singer Jblessing

Most worrying is that she keeps her man so secretive to the extent of leaving no clues on who he might be. Some believe the singer got the child with producer Jblessing though the two have never agreed or denied leaving the media into guessing.

Malawi’s Car Hire Players Association in the Offing


Blantyre — Malawi’s car hire players are scheduled to form an association with an aim to ease challenges the sector is facing.

Countrywide Car hire Managing Director Mike Mlombwa, who is championing the formation of the association said among others the association will help Government to promote tourism.

Mlombwa told Malawi News Agency that above all the group will help players in the industry speak with one voice.

“So far companies that people can hire vehicles like Zoom, SS rent a car hire, Countrywide, Adams, Elvis and others have already shown interest for the grouping to be formed.

“There are a lot of benefits that members will get from the association. Apart from speaking with one voice when dealing with policy makers, the association will also help in the enhancement of standards in the industry.

“The grouping is going to have a secretariat and through the membership fees and other related fees, members will be able to be assisted where the need arises,” said Mlombwa.

He said it is worrisome that car hire business is not protected in the country saying as it stands now any person can get up and start the business using reconditioned vehicles which he described as unfortunate.

Mlombwa added that in a few weeks to come, he shall visit central and Northern region to mobilise car hire players to organize themselves in preparing for the formation of the grouping.

“After visiting all regions it is when we shall set a date but possibly early October this year where all players can come together so that the grouping can be formed.

I am just speaking on my friends as we are waiting for the formation of the group and elections shall be done later,” he said.

Mlombwa said government has identified tourism as one of the key growth areas to propel Malawi in the next 50 years hence the need for industry players to be organised.

“In the coming days or weeks we will be inviting all players to a meeting where an executive committee will be elected. We want the car hire owners to avail themselves at this meeting not just sending representatives,” he added

He added that through the association, members will be able to share big contracts among themselves to ensure that there is no monopoly of business.

“In addition, the association will also be providing security where members want to get some loans to boost their capital,” he said.

By Tikondane Vega

Photos: All Winners of Miss Rwanda Beauty Pageant Since 1993


Late Last month (January), the search for the beauty queen of this year’s edition of the most popular and biggest beauty pageant of Rwanda, Miss Rwanda came to an end. Over 37 girls from different provinces of the country participated in the contest that was won by the 20-year old Meghan Nimwiza.

Today, we bring you all the previous winners of Miss Rwanda Beauty Pageant since 1993.

2019 – Meghan Nimwiza

She is the reining Miss Rwanda, aged 20 years old. She was born and raised in Kigali by Mr Gaspard Ruvebana and Mrs Betty Basiime (her parents) and the first born in a family of three girls.

Nimwiza Meghan
Miss Rwanda 2019 Nimwiza Meghan

She holds strong passion for music, writing and reading short stories and dreams of becoming a great businesswoman in agriculture, with a bias towards application of ICT to improve agricultural productivity.

2018 – Lilliane Iradukunda

Lilliane Iradukunda
Miss Rwanda 2018 Lilliane Iradukunda

The 18-year old Liliane Iradukunda by then was named by the miss Rwanda 2018, after a tough with 19 others at the grand finale that was at Kigali Convention Center on the Saturday night of 24th February 2018. She is was born in 2000 and had represented the Western Province in the preliminaries.

2017 – Elsa Iradukunda

Born 25th March 1998 in Kigali, Elsa Iradukunda emerged as the winner of Rwanda’s biggest beauty pageant of 2017. She had represented Western Province.

Elsa Iradukunda
Elsa Iradukunda

She was also a senior six Graduate by then from King David Academy, Kigali having done and passed well the subjects of Literature, Geography and Economics in the National Exams.

2016 – Jolly Mutesi

Miss Rwanda 2016 Jolly MutesiThe 19-year old Jolly Mutesi by then was crowned Miss Rwanda 2016 during a colorful event at Kigali Grounds. She was a senior six graduate from King David High School and had represented the Southern Province in the Preliminaries.

2015 – Doriane Kundwa

Doriane Kundwa
Doriane Kundwa

Kundwa Doriane, a 19-year old by then was not only crowned as Miss Rwanda 2015 but also emerged as the fans’ favorite contestant from the beginning to the finals.

2014 – Colombe Akiwachu

Akiwacu Colombe
Akiwacu Colombe

Colombe Akiwachu, a 19-year old by then was crowned miss Rwanda 2014 during a colorful event held at Petit Stade in Remera, Kigali the Capital of Rwanda. She had represented the Eastern Province.

Other Winners of Miss Rwanda Include;

2012 – Aurore Kayibanda Mutesi

Miss Rwanda 2012 Aurore Kayibanda

2009 – Grace Bahati

There was long hiatus from 1993 until the year 2009 when Miss Grace Bahati took over the title of Miss Rwanda.

There was long hiatus until the year 2009 when Miss Grace Bahati took over the title of Miss Rwanda
Miss Grace Bahati

1993 – Dalia Uwera

Uwera Dalia was elected on 17th Dec.1993 to be Miss Rwanda 1994

Dalia Uwera
Dalia Uwera

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