How Kenyan Graduates Make Millions of Money Online

Are you tired of looking for that ever-elusive job? Are you a recent graduate who cannot land a good job without experience? Are you anxious to be your own Boss and decide your own financial destiny? If all or some of the answers to the above question is Yes, then here is how you can do it hassle free and without initial intense capital outlay.

With everything going digital and the internet revolution exploding, there comes with it massive opportunities to make money. Kenyans are making thousands of money from the online world. Common ways of making money is through article writing, blogging, transcription, programming and academic writing.

Recent survey showed that young Kenyan graduates are making a decent living online through academic writing. Academic writing has gained tremendous popularity in the Kenyan online free-lancing market. Basically, this involves the writing of research papers, essays, assignments, dissertations, thesis and many more. The client gives the writer a topic to research on, the money he or she is willing to pay and the time frame the assignment is expected to be completed. Once the writer completes the academic work, he is paid according to the site’s terms.

There exists thousands of legitimate academic writing sites that pay well. Academic writing opportunities can be quite broad, covering any type of writing that is related to education or academic research. Some great sites include: Writerbay ( is a great site for online writing jobs. The site pays up to $20 per page, making it an excellent income opportunity for good writers. Payment is released on the 16th of every month.

Another great site is Uvorcorp is one of the best research writing sites. Unlike the rest of the websites, it pays very well, has plenty of orders even in the low season and has supportive editors and administrators. Uvorcorp pays between $5 and $20 per page and writers here have the highest income potential. is another great site. Though Essaywriters pays low, the good thing about it is that it has a lot of orders throughout the year. Essaywriters pays from $2.5 and the pay goes higher depending on the complexity and urgency of the order. Writers are also paid twice a month.

To be a good writer, one needs to be conversant with different writing styles of formatting the papers. Some of the commonly used styles include APA, MLA, Harvard and Chicago (Turabian).

How I became I Millionaire With Just a Laptop and Facebook Account

Gloria Otieno, a former Kenya airways employee quit her lucrative career to go home with only a laptop and a facebook page! This although seems to be unwise decision for most people, to her it was the beginning of a journey to making it big and reaping from her passion.

As an employee at Kenya Airways, she felt that the job was not her passion and thought that it was time to move on in search of her true passion. Gloria, a pharmacist by training is currently the owner of a top consulting firm in Kenya Recours Four Kenya Consultants Limited; a company that provides recruitment, selection, training and development of staff and design of corporate uniforms. It also offers training, helping to bridge the gap between education and employment by equipping participants with the required skills necessary for the workplace.

Gloria’s whose first deal was worth ksh. 200 says that it takes passion and commitment to get to where you want to be. Her first client was a 22 year old man who she did a CV for 200 shillings. After the young man landed an interview he referred her to his cousin and that is how the cycle began.

After the young man landed an interview he referred her to his cousin and that is how the cycle began. She asked happy clients to post their testimonials on her Facebook page and when she received more than 1,000 CVs in the first few months she knew she had business and she needed more people.

She however advices people that befor you quit your job, you must have a plan in place and be ready to work tirelessly towards it.
And her advice to young entrepreneurs? “An entrepreneur must have a plan. You must understand your business and the direction you want it to take. You should have a working knowledge about the business you plan to start before you start it. You also need common sense, appropriate experience, follow through and attention to detail,” she concludes.

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How Hackers Access for Facebook & Twitter

With the current trend of Twitter and Facebook account hacking for government institutions and prominent personal accounts. East Africa Business Daily News takes you through possible means how you account can be easily hacked. If You have a facebook or twitter account with large followers then I Advice you take time and read through this help.

1. Phishing

Phishing is still the most popular attack vector used for hacking Facebook accounts. There are variety  ethods to carry out phishing attack. In a simple phishing attacks a hacker creates a fake log in page  hich exactly looks like the real Facebook page and then asks the victim to log in. Once the victim log in through the fake page the, the victims “Email Address” and “Password” is stored in to a text file,  nd the hacker then downloads the text file and gets his hands on the victims credentials.

2. Keylogging

Keylogging is the easiest way to hack a Facebook password. Keylogging sometimes can be so dangerous that even a person with good knowledge of computers can fall for it. A Keylogger is basically a small program which, once is installed on victim’s computer, will record every thing victim types on his/her computer. The logs are then send back to the attacker by either FTP or directly to hackers email address.

3. Stealer’s

Almost 80% percent people use stored passwords in their browser to access the Facebook. This is quite convenient, but can sometimes be extremely dangerous. Stealer’s are software’s specially designed to capture the saved passwords stored in the victims Internet browser.

4. Session Hijacking

Session Hijacking can be often very dangerous if you are accessing Facebook on a http (non secure) connection. In Session Hijacking attack, a hacker steals the victims browser cookie which is used to authenticate the user on a website, and use it to access the victims account. Session hijacking is widely used on LAN, and WiFi connections.

5. Sidejacking With Firesheep

Sidejacking attack went common in late 2010, however it’s still popular now a days. Firesheep is widely used to carry out sidejacking attacks. Firesheep only works when the attacker and victim is on the same WiFi network. A sidejacking attack is basically another name for http session hijacking, but it’s more targeted towards WiFi users.

6. Mobile Phone Hacking

Millions of Facebook users access Facebook through their mobile phones. In case the hacker can gain access to the victims mobile phone then he can probably gain access to his/her Facebook account. Their are a lots of Mobile Spying software’s used to monitor a Cellphone. The most popular Mobile Phone Spying software’s are: Mobile Spy, and Spy Phone Gold.

7. DNS Spoofing

If both the victim and attacker are on the same network, an attacker can use a DNS spoofing attack and change the original Facebook page to his own fake page and hence can get access to victims Facebook account.

8. USB Hacking

If an attacker has physical access to your computer, he could just insert a USB programmed with a function to automatically extract saved passwords in the Internet browser.

9. Man In the Middle Attacks

If the victim and attacker are on the same LAN and on a switch based network, a hacker can place himself between the client and the server, or he could act as a default gateway and hence capturing all the traffic in between.

10. Botnets

Botnets are not commonly used for hacking Facebook accounts, because of it’s high setup costs. They  re used to carry more advanced attacks. A Botnet is basically a collection of compromised computer. The infection process is same as the key logging, however a Botnet gives you additional options for carrying out attacks with the compromised computer. Some of the most popular Botnets include  pyeye and Zeus.

If this makes sense and you care about you friends and relatives accounts the Share on their time lines for them to be aware.

Safaricom Launches 4G LTE Advanced Network

Today on 4th December 2014 Safaricom Kenya Ltd becomes the first operator in Sub Saharan Africa to launch LTE Advanced Safaricom 4G Network which will offer peak speeds of up to 100Mbps.

This comes after several months of testing in 4G sites in Nairobi although the service was not available to consumers. The service is now available in Nairobi and Mombasa with places like Gigiri, Runda, Buruburu, Lower Kabete, Parkands in Nairobi and Mombasa Island and Changamwe in Mombasa already having 4G LTE service.

Safaricom has sights set on March 2015 for complete coverage of Nairobi and Mombasa, by March 2016 there will be coverage of 15 counties and in 36 months the company will have covered all counties.

Safaricom 4G LITE has been made available on the 800MHz spectrum that Safaricom acquired for 75 million USD and aligned to the closing of the contract to provide the Kenyan government with security surveillance contract. Safaricom also spent 82 million USD to acquire 450 sites and other network infrastructure from Essar.

Safaricom now becomes the first to 4G LTE-A in the African Continent. This comes after Safaricom was also the first mobile network to launch 3G in Kenya in 2008 and faster HSPA connections in 2012. Bob Collymore went further to affirm to Kenyans that “This is the best 4G in the whole continent of Africa and at 100MBps is the fastest in Africa,” He further added that 4G LTE will not only make an impact to consumers on their phones but also in banking, education and telemedicine which will become more accessible to both enterprises and their consumers.

Safaricom currently has over 100,000 LTE ready smartphones and Safaricom has a plan to bring the costs down for devices to as low as Kshs 9,000. What users need to have to use 4G on their phones is a 4G ready smarphone and a new SIM card that accepts 4G. The current SIM cards in use are not compatible to 4G but the new 4G SIM cards are backwards compatible.