Raunchy Dancer Zodwa Wabantu Kicked out of Zambia

Zodwa Wa Bantu

South African dancer Zodwa Wabantu is popularly known for her raunchy dance strokes she exhibits on stage.  She has traveled to different countries entertaining her audience in the night clubs.

However, her sexual entertainment fell short in Zambia where she was deported back to her home country South Africa. Zambian authorities deported the erotic dancer on Saturday after the state vowed not to perform in their country since her raunchy dances contradicts with the nation’s cultural values and norms.

The promoter’s dance said

“She was paid to perform at an album of some musician on Saturday evening but she was shrugged off when she landed in the morning at the Kenneth Kaunda international airport”

Lucky Munakampe confirmed that his client was deported from the country on his social media account but the reason was not given.  Some source tried to reach the immigration office of Zambia but they were not picking up the phone call.

However, AFP posted that the Zambia religious affair minister said that they would not allow Zodwa perform in their country last week.

He narrated that Zambia is a Christian nation where ethics and morality are paramount. They would not allow a woman who dances with her underwear off.

Even last year, Zodwa was declined to perform in Zimbabwe at an annual carnival after a protest by a local actress.

But she was later allowed to perform by the authorities with serious restrictions on her code of conduct.


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