Gaddafi’s Son Saif ‘to Run for Libyan President’ in 2018 elections

Saif Gaddafi

Former Libyan President Late Gaddafi’s son is set to run up for presidential elections 2018. Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi, the son of late colonel Muammar Gaddafi is set to run for presidential election this year according to local media reports.

Saif was the heir to the throne of the father and right now he is aspiring for the top job though he is being wanted by the International Criminal Court for crimes against humanity that he committed during his father’s efforts to put down the rebellion that overthrew him in 2011.

His aspirations for the presidency were announced by the officials in the Libyan Popular Front Party in Tunis on Monday during the news conference.

Khaled Guel told a Pan Arab Newspaper that libya needs to get past the recent divisions and many Libyans believe Saif Al-Islam is the only person to liberty them from the on going deteriorating humanitarian situations.

In 2015, Saif Al-Islam was held by the militia in the town of Zintan by the rebels who overthrew his father and he was sentenced to death in Absentia by the court in Tripoli. Though he was released in june last year after being granted amnesty by one of the country’s two competing governments.

His location is little known but the officials of Libyan Popular Front said he will address the nation about his aspirations and plans.

Saif al- islam is a 45 year old man a second son of late Gaddafi and he known to be a reformist during his father regime as he made efforts to forge ties between Libya with the western world. He is a graduate of economics of London school of Economics. He is known for his charitable works and was used as the face of Gaddafi’s regime.


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