Controversial Kenyan Prophet’s Link to Illuminati Revealed


For a New Age African church leader who unlike his peers does not collect tithes and offerings from his congregation but still manages to live the jet-set lifestyle with top-of-the-range rides and bespoke suits the long-missing piece in the puzzle surrounding the source of wealth of self-styled prophet Dr David Owuor has finally fallen into place. According to reports, the flamboyant cleric and founder of the Repentance and Holiness Ministry is said to be funded by the John Temple Foundation – an American organization believed to be associated with the powerful and mysterious cult of Illuminati.

The Foundation is said to also secretly sponsor political groups as well as influential business people around the world under very stringent conditions that remain closely guarded secret. Last year, during one of Owuor’s Sunday crusades ten children allegedly disappeared and were never seen again. This Easter, a woman reportedly committed suicide by drowning in the Indian Ocean because she was unable to attend Owuor’s crusade.

A former aide of the prophet Mr Kevin Okwara recently revealed that prophet Owuor doesn’t read the Bible and never prays and that the “Miracles” seen at massively attended crusades are stage managed. Now, credible sources have also alleged that Owuor receives a monthly stipend of over $200,000 from the John Temple Foundation plus bonuses in the region of $500,000


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