Zari’s Baby Paternity Scandal Turns Legal as Ex-hubby’s Relative Files for Tests

Zari and Baby

As we reported last week, Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz may not be the biological father of Zari’s baby Tiffah. If you missed that explosive story catch-up HERE.

Fast forward to today and Lawrence KIng – the cousin of Zari’s ex husband Ivan Ssemwanga – has filed for a paternity test after he alleged on Facebook that Ssemwanga is the biological father of the child.

Tifah paternity

The legal document was filed by Lawrence at Web Advocates and Solicitors law firm and served to Zari on Saturday August 15th demanding that a DNA test be carried out on the baby girl in three countries within seven days to certify who the true father of the child is.

But there’s a twist to the story

Curiously, Ssemwanga himself has said nothing – at not least publicly – so we’re inclined to think that cousin Lawrence is his mouthpiece and acting on his behalf.

However, its not that straight forward because in the filed court document, Lawrence is actually claiming paternity for Zari’s baby and the name of Ivan Ssemwanga is not mentioned which beggars the question if Lawrence and Zari also tangoed together as some point in time.

A letter written to Zari by the law firm partly reads, “It has come to our client’s attention that you (Zari) have unilaterally decided to offer the paternity of the infant (Tiffah) to one Nasibu Abdul Juma, alias Diamond Platnumz, without considering his (King) strong interests or in fact a real possibility that the child could be his. You have also denied him the slightest access to the child.”

The letter adds: “We therefore write to officially request your cooperation in this matter so that our client’s fears that a child that could actually be his is not nurtured, groomed and raised by another man with a completely different culture. Our client needs to put this to rest, in any event.”

“Our client therefore suggests that three paternity tests are run. One in Uganda, one in South Africa and the last in the United States of America so that our client is either confirmed or completely excluded from being the infant’s biological father. King undertakes to meet all associated costs involved in this process,” the letter adds.

This can turn nasty so watch this space…


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