Top Places To See Gorillas In Africa


Where To See Gorillas in Africa, Gorilla Watching Holidays

There are a number of gorilla destinations in Africa, however Uganda and Rwanda tend to top the list of travelers’ choice when it comes to gorilla tracking activities. This is due to the number of factors inclusive of the conducive political climate in these two countries, high degree of endangerment that the only left mountain gorillas are facing among others, compared to the neighboring country Democratic Republic of Congo of which it shares these gentle giants with.

Top 8 Destinations To See Mountain Gorillas

Mountain gorillas {beringei beringei} are known to thrive at altitudes of about 2200 to 4300 meters. These are primarily herbivore and have longer fur compared to the lowland gorillas.

          1. Rwanda, gorillas are found in the volcanoes national park and there are various groups or families of which their traceability keeps on changing from time to time. Trekking gorillas in this case mountain gorillas may happen to be once in a life time encounter and also gorillas tend to exhibit a great deal of closeness to humans after the chimpanzees.Rwanda alone has 10 gorilla families and all these have been habituated for easy interaction between the gorillas and the trekkers offering one an opportunity of taking pictures in the jungle with these gentle giants.
          2. Democratic Republic of Congo. Congo is also another country well known for having gorillas both mountain gorillas and lowland gorillas which presents an opportunity of encountering both. However the country is suffering a great deal of insecurity limiting chances of encountering these great apes to an extent that tourism had to stop in 2018 following abduction of some tourists and the park was closed until 2019.Gorillas in this country inhabit Virunga national park and these are the mountain gorillas, while the eastern lowland gorillas are found at Kahuzi-Biega National Park. The eastern lowland gorillas are thought to have developed as a single species from which all the other species of gorillas evolved, they are the largest amongst all the gorilla types.
          3. Nigeria This is a country that can be traced in West Africa just above the Equator approaching the arid areas of the Sahara desert. The country is a perfect safari destination providing excellent and unique wildlife experiences such as the Gorilla Safari in the Cross River National Park.  The gorillas can be traced in the Cross River State and most of the trackers walk through the park to visit these endangered gorillas as well as other primates like white-faced monkeys, chimpanzees and others.However, the total population of the mountain gorillas in the Cross River national park is about 200 individuals over an area of over 12000km; this gives clients low chances of viewing these gorillas. Areas within the park to trek for the gorillas include; Mbe Mountains, Afi Mountains and the Okwangwo division.
          4. Central African Republic. This is also another very interesting destination offering visitors high chances of encountering the western lowland mountain gorillas. This is due to the success of conservationist to habituate the gorillas. One of the best places in Central African Republic is the Bai-Hokou in the Dzanga-Ndoki National Park though here the only challenge is photography with in the dense forests and low light.
          5. Gabon. It’s another destination in West Africa well blessed with a number of primates in its well-placed dense forests such as lowland mountain gorillas, chimpanzees and several monkey species. The lowland mountain gorillas in Gabon are highly recognized for how challenging it is to habituate them, since they tend to move long distances searching for their favorite diet making it uneasy to track as well as habituate these lowland gorillas.In Langoue Bai which is a forest and the only finest place which provides that opportunity for seeing the gorillas and other wild animals such as the elephants, buffaloes as well as the sitatunga making an ideal adventure National parks like Lope national park, gorillas can be traced in these areas but it’s not a guarantee to see these lowland gorillas.
            Tracking gorillas in Gabon is physically demanding as compared to Uganda and Rwanda in the East African region.
          6. Cameroon. Here the lowland gorillas are found in small forests that are bordering Nigeria and Cameroon which are a focus of conservationists with in this region, the people are English speaking compared to the rest of Cameroon that speak French. The gorillas here are known as cross river gorillas.
            The other destination is Angola in the Cabinda enclave which is in the north of River Congo. The trek to this side is so adventurous and there is little tourism in the area.
          7. Uganda, gorillas are found in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park which is also known to be the haven of mountain gorillas since it harbors almost half of the world’s mountain gorilla population, Mgahinga national park still in Uganda but stretches from the Virunga mountains of Congo to the south of Bwindi national park.
          8. Equatorial Guinea. The country sits at the Atlantic coast between Gabon and Cameroon, and is blessed with wide range of wildlife population and beaches offering a lot to the different travelers who intend to visit the country. Monte Alen National Park is a beautiful forested park with a steep rugged terrain and best place to go gorilla trekking in the country.
            Famous with the lowland gorillas, travelers during their trekking activities get a chance to spot for other animals like the forest elephants, mandrills as well as various species of birds.





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