Malawi’s Car Hire Players Association in the Offing


Blantyre — Malawi’s car hire players are scheduled to form an association with an aim to ease challenges the sector is facing.

Countrywide Car hire Managing Director Mike Mlombwa, who is championing the formation of the association said among others the association will help Government to promote tourism.

Mlombwa told Malawi News Agency that above all the group will help players in the industry speak with one voice.

“So far companies that people can hire vehicles like Zoom, SS rent a car hire, Countrywide, Adams, Elvis and others have already shown interest for the grouping to be formed.

“There are a lot of benefits that members will get from the association. Apart from speaking with one voice when dealing with policy makers, the association will also help in the enhancement of standards in the industry.

“The grouping is going to have a secretariat and through the membership fees and other related fees, members will be able to be assisted where the need arises,” said Mlombwa.

He said it is worrisome that car hire business is not protected in the country saying as it stands now any person can get up and start the business using reconditioned vehicles which he described as unfortunate.

Mlombwa added that in a few weeks to come, he shall visit central and Northern region to mobilise car hire players to organize themselves in preparing for the formation of the grouping.

“After visiting all regions it is when we shall set a date but possibly early October this year where all players can come together so that the grouping can be formed.

I am just speaking on my friends as we are waiting for the formation of the group and elections shall be done later,” he said.

Mlombwa said government has identified tourism as one of the key growth areas to propel Malawi in the next 50 years hence the need for industry players to be organised.

“In the coming days or weeks we will be inviting all players to a meeting where an executive committee will be elected. We want the car hire owners to avail themselves at this meeting not just sending representatives,” he added

He added that through the association, members will be able to share big contracts among themselves to ensure that there is no monopoly of business.

“In addition, the association will also be providing security where members want to get some loans to boost their capital,” he said.

By Tikondane Vega


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